In Which They Lived: Snapshots#8: In Which They Wielded the Flames #2/3to

Since PG&E’s October 2019 decision to shut off the power in parts of California as a preventive measure against wildfires and its life-threatening impacts for people with disabilities, I’ve been thinking-raging-reading about how this culture of disposability is connected to all the myriad ways in which the access needs of people with disabilities are reduced, ignored, put off for another time, or justified by scarcity excuses. How are we complicit in this culture, what can we do to combat this culture, how do we center the access needs of people with disabilities. Especially in a world that’s going to keep burning and burning.

Image Description: A person in a lavender vest and red pants, wearing a green headscarf and using crutches is atop a phoenix. They are holding a blue flame in each hand.